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Mold Removal Markham

We are an IICRC certified mold removal & remediation company serving Markham and surrounding areas.

Trax Restoration has been serving the Markham community for the past 15 years, offering specialized and licensed mold removal, remediation and testing services. Our mold remediation Markham specialists are IICRC trained and certified.


  • Comprehensive mold inspections and testing that include lab testing for over 240 species of mold, infrared scanning to detect hidden moisture or leaks, air quality testing and a certified inspection report.
  • Professional mold removal by IICRC trained and certified mold specialists. We isolate and seal the affected area and employ industrial air filtration purifiers. We remove affected material and prepare surfaces for restoration.
  • Treatment of the areas with eco-friendly and safe solutions that inhibit future mold growth.
  • Repair or replace removed materials.
mold removal markham


Have you discovered mold in your property? Safely removing mold is a very complex undertaking. There are mold species that are highly toxic and if the mold colonies are disturbed, spores can travel through your HVAC system. Mold removal professionals use mold remediation equipment that is designed for eliminating mold safely and treating the affected areas to inhibit future mold growth.

When discovering mold in your property, you should act fast. Mold can pose health risks for infants, children, the elderly, and individuals with a compromised immune system. Also, as mold is growing, it is actually “feeding” on the materials it is growing on. Wood and drywall can absorb moisture and make an ideal environment for mold. These materials will be damaged by mold and as the mold colony grows the damage is more extensive.  Trax Restoration will not only remediate the mold that is visible, but we can also use infrared scanning to detect areas that are affected by water and even detect a leak you didn’t know about!

After mold has been safely removed then we need to address the moisture problem that initially caused it. Mold can be caused by leaks, past flooding, poor ventilation, wet basement issues and other ways water can sip into building materials. The results of our moisture detection test will determine both the cause and where the moisture is. We then employ a variety of drying equipment to dry the area. When all moisture has been dried we spray antifungal and antimicrobial solutions, which are environmentally and pet safe, to eliminate any remaining spores from the areas and prevent future mold growth.

Call Trax Restoration today to book your Markham mold inspection: 905-882-3141

Our services include:

  • Air quality test & testing for mold spores
  • Mold sampling & testing for mold species present
  • Infrared thermal moisture detection scanning
  • Mold removal
  • Mold remediation
  • Structural drying
  • Antifungal treatment
  • Renovations

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