Water Damage Restoration Brampton

24/7 Flood & Water Damage Restoration Brampton

Whether you are dealing with a flooded basement, drain or sewage backup or any other flood occurrence, time is of the essence! The longer water stands on floors, moldings, drywall and furnishings the more saturated they get, the higher the water damage your property will incur.

Trax Restoration offers water damage restoration in Brampton for both residential and commercial properties. We guarantee 24/7 emergency flood response; our Brampton restoration crews are ready to be deployed at any time of the day.

We have been serving Brampton residents, business owners and property managers for over 15 years, we are an IICRC trained and certified water damage restoration company and carry WSIB and liability insurance. We offer direct insurance billing and have worked with all major insurance companies. We document all damage to belongings and property carefully, including photographs, so we can assist you with your insurance claims.

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The Water Damage Restoration Process

As soon as our water damage restoration project manager arrives crews go to work. All furniture and belongings are removed and stored in our warehouse. The next step is to extract any pooled water in the property. Our industrial grade water vacuums and pumps remove standing water fast and efficiently. Any remaining water and moisture has to be eliminated to stop any further damage. Floorings are covered by drying floor mats that will quickly dry floors before they swell up and buckle. Industrial grade fans, air movers and dehumidifiers are set up in all the affected areas to remove any moisture trapped in the building materials stopping water damage at its tracks. Next, our crews remove any affected building materials that cannot be restored, like drywall, carpets, moldings and etc. We clean and prepare the area for any future renovations needed.

Services include:

  • Content Inventory
  • Cleaning  & Decontamination of contents
  • Removal and storage of household contents
  • Cleaning and decontamination of Carpets, Rugs, draperies, soft furnishings
  • Dry cleaning and laundry of all clothing and fabrics
  • Furniture Reupholstery
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging to detect trapped water and moisture
  • Restoration of Fine Art and documents
  • Cleaning of contents at specialty decontamination unit
  • Emergency plumbing services
  • Odor removal
  • Electronics evaluation
  • Flood & Water Damage Restoration
  • Also offering Renovation Services

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