Vaughan’s Back-Water Valve Installation Subsidy Program

vaughan back-water valve subsidy

The municipality of Vaughan has developed the Back-water valve installation program to assist homeowners and protect them from basement flooding caused by surcharged sewers during storms and severe weather events. Installing a back-water valve can significantly reduce the risk of a flooded basement.


What is a back-water valve?

A back-water valve, also called a backflow or sewer backup valve, is a valve that you can install on your sewer line. The valve is designed to allow water and sewage to flow only one way, out of your house. When there is a sudden heavy rainfall the city sewers can overflow which causes sewage to backup into your house, mainly flooding the basement.


Work that is eligible

As a property owner you are required to have a drain contractor or plumber, who is licensed by the City of Toronto or registered with the Regional Municipality of York, do a site assessment to determine how suitable the property is to be isolated from the sewer system. A written report must be provided.


Eligibility Requirements and information

The eligibility of the properties will be determined by the City of Vaughan and it has to meet all the requirements listed below:

  • You property must be registered as a single-family residential, duplex or triplex property within the City of Vaughan.
  • The subsidy is not available to new homes that are currently under construction. The subsidy is available only to existing homes.
  • Eavestrough downspouts must be properly disconnected from the City sewer system to the satisfaction of the City.
  • You must hire a plumber or drain contractor to perform the installation of all devices. Your installer has to be licensed by the City of Toronto or the Regional Municipality of York.
  • The Building Standards Department must be contacted by the owner to obtain a plumbing permit and arrange for the necessary inspection of the back-water valve installation.
  • The installations must be completed before the owner applies for the subsidy.
  • Invoices must show a breakdown of cost for all charges, the plumbing or drain license number of the contractor, the total amount paid and clearly marked as Paid in Full.
  • The back-water valve must be inspected and approved.
  • The owner must sign and date the application form. All documents must be originals. When the application is processed the original invoices will be returned to the applicant.
  • Applications and supporting documents must be received by the City of Vaughan Public Works Department within a year of the date the work was completed.
  • There is a limit of one subsidy per property.
  • Subsidies are subject to available funding and is on a first come, first served basis.


Steps to take

  • Consult with a plumber or drain contractor for an assessment and recommendation of the appropriate installation of a back-water valve.
  • Obtain a permit to install the back-water valve from the City of Vaughan’s Building Standards Department.
  • After you install the back-water valve you are required to have an inspection by Vaughan Building Standards staff. DO NOT enclose or cover the installation before the inspection is completed.
  • When all work is completed obtain a detailed invoice with the license number of the plumber or drain contractor, clearly marked as Paid in Full.
  • Complete the subsidy application.
  • Mail the completed application form along with all the required documentation to the address provided in the application information.


Find more information regarding City of Vaughan’s Back-water valve installation subsidy program here.

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