Things you can do to protect your basement from flooding

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Basement floods are becoming a common occurrence the last years in Toronto. Rising lake water levels in combination with flash floods are the main water damage causes in Toronto and although we cannot control weather phenomena, we can certainly prepare for future floods.


flooded basement


Things to do to prevent basement flooding:

  • The first thing to do is check your sump pump. Make sure it is in working condition by testing it. To test a sump pump you should pour about 20 liters of water into the sump pump pit until the float rises. If the pump turns on and starts to remove the water then you know it is working. You should also find and check the exit pipe where water is discarded away from the property and make sure it is clean and not clogged.
  • If you already have signs of water and moisture in your basement you might have some foundation cracks that water is penetrating in from. A basement waterproofing consultation is suggested and the solution can be as simple as crack repair and a waterproofing layer.
  • Check and clean your eaves, gutters, and spouts. Water coming down your spouts should be guided at least two feet away from your exterior foundation walls. Make sure you clear all debris, like accumulated leafs or clogs, so your gutters can work as they are supposed to and guide water away from your roof and foundation walls.
  • Check the grading of your soil or concrete around the exterior walls of your property. Is water pooling? That water accumulates and in cases of heavy rainfall or fast melting snow it will find a way into your basement. Water pooling on the sides of your basement walls and foundation creates hydrostatic pressure, and that is the number one reason for foundation cracks. If your grading is not guiding water away from your house then the addition of soil, mulch, and stones is something that can help. Clay soil is a good choice, as it swells up and retains water which means it doesn’t saturate fast.

If you still experience a basement flood then you need to know that the faster you remove the water the less water damage will occur. Standing water will saturate all building materials, like drywall, flooring, baseboards, and more. Trax Restoration is a licensed and certified Water Damage Restoration company with over 15 years of experience and expertise in water damage mitigation. We offer 24/7 emergency response and carry industrial-strength water extraction and drying equipment to expedite the drying process. We work closely with most home insurance providers and can assist you with documenting your damage. Give us a call now: 905-882-3141