Flood? Why calling a water damage company ASAP can save you money

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Water damage in Toronto is frequent and it can happen to you. Toronto experiences heavy snowfall, rain and freezing temperatures. Pipes freeze and can burst, melting snow can flood your street and find its way to your basement, and if you live in a low-laying area rain floods are common.


If you are experiencing a flooded basement or home, the time you wait to call a Toronto water damage company can determine if you will be able to save your hardwood floors, baseboards, cabinets and furniture. The longer your property and belongings stay wet the more water damage they occur. But an emergency respond restoration company can help!


The first thing a water damage restoration company will do is water extraction. Special vacuums remove all water. As soon as the water is extracted they set up their drying and moisture eliminating equipment. Special drying mats are laid all over your hardwood floors to remove any remaining water and dry all moisture. Industrial dryers, dehumidifiers, air movers and fans are situated in every affected room to significantly speed up the drying process. The faster you eliminate the moisture the better. Building materials do not get saturated and bulk, so you are decreasing any chance for needed renovations. That is the absolute reason you will use a water damage restoration company, to save you the need for renovations to fix everything that was damaged.


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Water damage restoration companies will also dry furniture, tapestries, documents, photos and other belongings. In the case you experience brown water flooding, like sewage, they will disinfect, sanitize and also offer odor removal.


Another risk of not remediating a flood is that all this moisture will get trapped behind drywall, under flooring and other water saturated building materials. This can lead to mold growth that not only can affect your health but as it grows it will eat away the materials it is growing on. Mold removal is costly and hiring a water damage restoration company can eliminate the need for it.


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When the worst happens and you have a flood in your hands call Trax Restoration. We are a Toronto water damage company with 15 years of experience in emergency restoration. We are on call 24/7 and we will respond urgently to your call. We offer direct insurance billing and have worked with all major insurances.


We service Toronto, GTA, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Maple, Pickering and surrounding areas. Give us a call now: 905-882-3141