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summer flash floods 2019

Summer Flash Floods and what your insurance covers

In May of 2019 Southern Ontario experienced intense rain which caused flash flooding and significant damage to properties. Trax Restoration was assisting homeowners in Burlington, where it received two months’ worth of rain in a few hours. The water damage our water restoration crews encountered was devastating. Basements flooded up to the waist and concerns […]
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The power of professional odor removal ozone generators

Professional ozone generators have many applications when it comes to odor removal and sanitization of indoor air. They can remove cigarette smoke odors, skunk and pet odors and it is very often used to remediate odors from sewer backup and water damage floods.   Ozone bonds with odor molecules and literally eliminates them, it doesn’t […]
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summer mold removal prevention

Tips to prevent mold growth in the summer

Mold loves moisture and heat! Summer’s warm temperatures create ideal conditions for most mold species to grow and thrive. But there are steps you can take to prevent mold growth in your home and basement.   Tips to prevent mold Mold likes 25 degrees Celcius and above to grow so keep your central air conditioning […]
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mold testing black mold

What is black mold and how to detect it

As a homeowner, discovering mold growth is never good news, the worst news is discovering toxic black mold. Not all mold is toxic. One of your first concerns is to determine if the species of mold growing on your property is harmful to your and your family’s health. You can perform mold testing by buying […]
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