What does professional pet urine odor removal entails

pet urine odor removal toronto

Trax Restoration has extended pet odor removal experience in Toronto and the GTA. We offer pet hoarding extreme cleaning services in which the extent of pet urine saturation and damage is considerable. Based on that experience we have expertise on tackling the most pervasive pet urine odors. We work with homeowners, real estate agents, landlords, and property managers to restore any space to an odor-free and sanitized condition.


Pet odor is due to growing bacteria, ammonia, and uric acid. Usually, pets choose a corner or spot that they will repeatedly use. This chronic saturation permeates carpets, under carpet layers, moldings, drywall, and flooring. When you have tried all methods of cleaning pet urine odor, like enzyme cleaners, vinegar, baking soda, etc. then it is time for a professional pet urine odor removal service. Make sure you DO NOT steam clean carpets or furnishings because the pet urine odor will actually bond on the synthetic fibers!


When we are called to deal with a pet urine odor problem we first access the extent of the urine saturation and damage. In most cases, homeowners have acted fast and urine has sipped in only to the carpet. We inspect your carpet with a thermal scanner to detect accumulated moisture at different parts of the carpet or flooring. Depending of how extended the trapped moisture is we may need to lift the carpet and remove and replace part of the underlayment that is saturated with the urine. In extreme situations, the wood layer below the underlayment has been soaked and a section has to be removed and replaced, but this is not common. Carpets will be cleaned and dried by industrial grade scrubbers. Affected areas that are holding odor will be treated with odor-neutralizing and disinfecting solutions. We can remove pet urine odor from carpets, hardwood, concrete, marble, stone, brick, and more.


When we have dealt with the saturated areas we then proceed with ozone treatments of the entire interior space. Odor molecules attach to walls, air ducts, furniture, and many more surfaces and the most cost effective way to treat it is with an ozone generator. Airborne ozone molecules bond with the odor particles and naturalize them, and in the process, they create clean oxygen! This will eliminate ALL pet urine odors and restore your indoor air quality.


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