Summer Flash Floods and what your insurance covers

summer flash floods 2019

In May of 2019 Southern Ontario experienced intense rain which caused flash flooding and significant damage to properties. Trax Restoration was assisting homeowners in Burlington, where it received two months’ worth of rain in a few hours. The water damage our water restoration crews encountered was devastating. Basements flooded up to the waist and concerns of structural integrity in many affected homes.


Water levels continue to increase across Ontario and Toronto’s. Ontario lake levels continue to rise dangerously. More and more often we receive heavy rainfall warnings from Environment Canada. Summer flash rains and flooding risks have been high this summer and are projected to increase in 2019.


Homeowners are encouraged to reach out to their insurance company and discuss what types of water damage are covered under their policy.


It is not clear to homeowners that a standard home insurance may cover water damage from backed-up sewers, but overland flooding is NOT covered in any standard policy in the country. We strongly suggest homeowners check their policies and know their coverage before an emergency flood occurs.


Trax Restoration is the leading emergency flood response team in Toronto and the GTA. They are warning residents of the unpredictability of weather, and how flooding can damage their homes. Quick response to a house can make all the difference, the earlier the intervention the less water damage you will occur. Trax Restoration has assisted in major floods across Ontario and is experienced with flash rain floods and their circumstances. We offer 24/7 water damage emergency response.


A professional water damage restoration company, like Trax Restoration, will assist you with your insurance claim by meticulously recording the water damage with photographic evidence and report. We work closely with your insurance adjustor. We work professionally with compassion and our goal is to save your home and belongings.


In time of a flood emergency give us a call: 905-882-3141