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summer flash floods 2019

Summer Flash Floods and what your insurance covers

In May of 2019 Southern Ontario experienced intense rain which caused flash flooding and significant damage to properties. Trax Restoration was assisting homeowners in Burlington, where it received two months’ worth of rain in a few hours. The water damage our water restoration crews encountered was devastating. Basements flooded up to the waist and concerns […]
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Markham Flood Control Program

Markham’s Flood Control Program

Since 2015 work has been underway to implement Markham’s FLOOD CONTROL PROGRAM with its annual Storm-Water Fee.   This is Markham’s citywide programme to improve its storm water drainage capacity to minimize basement and infrastructure flooding.   The Storm-Water Fee of $47 per residential property and $28 per $100,000.00 of Current Value Assessment (CVA) is […]
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