Markham’s Flood Control Program

Markham Flood Control Program

Since 2015 work has been underway to implement Markham’s FLOOD CONTROL PROGRAM with its annual Storm-Water Fee.


This is Markham’s citywide programme to improve its storm water drainage capacity to minimize basement and infrastructure flooding.


The Storm-Water Fee of $47 per residential property and $28 per $100,000.00 of Current Value Assessment (CVA) is applied annually to the final tax bill for each property owner in Markham.


Markham’s flood control improvements deal with the increase of extreme environmental weather events such as heavy flash rainstorms and snow melts that swell Markham’s creeks and rivers into lethal raging floodwaters.


In the Peel and York Regions, many of the old village cores like Markham’s were built around a mill which needed access to a river. As time passed Markham’s community expanded and so too has it’s hazards from flooding. Major arterial roads and highways can become unusable from riverine flooding, when the water levels of rivers, streams, and creeks rise and overflow their banks and flood adjacent areas.


Urban flooding includes street flooding and basement flooding. It occurs when there is more water than the local drainage system (sewers and streets) can handle. Pounding sheets of rain that run off roofs, parking lots, and hard landscape collect tar, bitumen and soil toxins before rushing into your basement or ground floor property. Markham’s sewer drains can get backed up making the flood in your basement a serious health threat because of fecal matter and industrial chemicals added to the toxic mix.


Markham’s Flood-Control program plan will upgrade the size of the storm sewer system in Markham’s older areas, ensuring on-going infrastructure upgrades over the course of 30 years. Thanks to the $47.00 – $48.00city-wide fee, funding for this program is secure and approved to reach $155 million. Its annual cost of $5.2 million is close to 3 times the overall original storm-water program budget.


Markham’s Flood-Control program includes the Sanitary System Downspout Disconnection Program. This program identifies whether existing downspouts that go into the ground are connected into the municipal sanitary sewer system or the storm sewer system. An approved Financial Assistance Plan to assist homeowners with the cost to disconnect their downspouts from the sanitary sewer is in place, however only homeowners who receive a disconnection notice from the City of Markham will be eligible.


Details of the Financial Assistance Plan for the Sanitary System Downspout Disconnection Program

  • The City will reimburse 80% of the cost for completing the downspout disconnection, up to a maximum of $500
  • The City will reimburse 100% of the cost for a rain barrel purchased by the homeowner, up to a maximum of $150.
  • A Notice of Disconnection will be distributed to those homes with downspouts connected to Markham’s city sanitary sewer system.
  • The Notice of Disconnection will identify which downspouts within your property require disconnection.
  • Information about how to disconnect a downspout and the use of rain barrels will be supplied when the downspout disconnection stage begins.


Financial Assistance Application Form [PDF]


Steps to File for Partial Cost Reimbursement


§  Fill out the Financial Assistance Application Form [PDF]


  • Submit to the City of Markham along with all original/photocopy receipts by mail, e-mail or fax.  Please specify in the submission “Markham Downspout Disconnect – Financial Assistance Application”.
  • Once the City receives your application package, Markham City staff will contact the homeowner to arrange for an inspection of the disconnected downspouts.
  • After verifying the downspouts have been disconnected properly, the City of Markham will then process the application and a cheque will be mailed to the homeowner.


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